Analisis Pendapatan Petani Karet Sub UPP (Unit Pelaksanaan Proyek) Rantau di Kecamatan Hatungun Kabupaten Tapin

Meilani Wulansari


The study is purposed to know the condition, cost, income and profit of smallscale rubber plantation - member of Sub-unit UPP Hatungan in KecamatanHatungan, Kabupaten Tapin. Sub-unit UPP Hatungan is a rubber plantingproject conducted by Forestry and Plantation Agency of Kabupaten Tapin. Itwas started in 1992-1993 and the rubber plants was planted in 1994-1995.The government financed the plantation until year 5. Then, after start to yield, it was handed over to the farmers. As a return, farmers were obligated to repay the 5 years cost by installment. Total cost on plant age 16 year,calculated by discounted methods, is Rp. 8.383.549,99. while the revenue,income and profit is Rp. 18.400.000; Rp. 15.378.230,98,and Rp.12.081.115,94, respectively.

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