Persepsi Ibu Rumah Tangga terhadap Pembelian Kerupuk di Kota Banjarbaru

Reny Wijayanti


The study is aimed to know the consumer decision choice on cracker relatedto price, income level, occupation and ethnicity; to know the most favoritecracker; and to know housewives perception on cracker quality in BanjarbaruMunicipality. Primary and secondary data were used in the study.Respondents were selected through multistage random sampling.InBanjarbaru, there are 7 types of crackers available based on its specificingredient, i.e.: shrimp, fish, rambak (cowhide), wheat, onion, terasi(fermented shrimp), and sweet potato. The level of preference from thehighest are shrimp cracker, followed by fish, rambak, onion, and wheatcracker. Terasi and sweat potato are the less favorite cracker.Coefficientcorrelation of Spearman's rank was used to know housewives perception oncracker quality. The coefficient is 8.99 and significant, which mean that thereis a positive correlation between the housewives perception and crackerquality.

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