Analisis Perilaku Konsumen Ikan Patin di Kota Pekanbaru

Novia Dewi


This study is intended to obtain the data which will be able to reveal the informationabout external, internal faktors and its impact to behavior of Patin fish consumer. Theobject of this study is people who consume Patin fish in Pekanbaru. The method beingused in this research is survey method with number of samples accounted to 100 people.The hypothesis of this study is tested by applying path analysis.The hypothesis of thestudy are: (1) external and internal faktors, positively influence the perception ofcustomers; (2) the perception of customers, positively influence the attitude andpreference of customers; (3) the attitude and preference of customers, positivelyinfluence the consumer behavior of patin fish.The results oh this study indicated that,simultaneously, the external and internal faktors have significant impact on the behaviorof Patin fish consumers.Keywords: external, internal, behavior.

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