Pengorganisasian Desa Siaga di Kabupaten Timor Tengah Utara dalam Upaya Peningkatan Kesehatan Ibu dan Anak (Studi di Desa Tuabatan, Desa Noeltoko dan Desa Noepesu)

Suharmiati Suharmiati
Mochamad Setyo Pramono
2017  •  DOI: 10.22435/hsr.v20i1.6921.16-25


Organizing Alert Village is one of the efforts made by the North Central Timor Regency for improving maternal and child health. This study aims to assess the viability and form of participation in the organization of the standby system in particular at the level of the village as well as the specific tradition naketi. The study was conducted in August-November 2012 at the village health center Bijaepasu Tuabatan in the region, as well as the village health center Noeltoko and Noepesu region Eban. Types of non-intervention research with exploratory design. Information was obtained through in-depth interviews and direct observation. As informants are community leaders, religious leaders, LKMD, midwives and members of the network. There were six networks in each village that notification, transportation, planning, funding, and Blood Exclusive breastfeedin, but there is also a network of Community Total Sanitation (STBM) in Tuabatan Village and Disaster networking in Noeltoko Village.Networking meetings are conducted regularly every month, led the meeting with an agenda initiator activity reports of each network , the problems that occurred during the current month as well as alternative solutions. There is a common tradition Naketi at between 7-9 months of gestation, namely the recognition of the wives to their husbands face to face followed by recantation married to a big family (parents/in-laws). Community-based alert system through idle villagers networking proved effective enough to increase public awareness of health in their communities. Indicators of success, terdatanya all pregnant women and women giving birth by the people themselves through their networks, not by medical personnel. All efforts deliveries in health facilities involves a commitment with all networks. Discussion and dialogue is quite intensive in networking meeting to adequately describe their high spirits for the improvement of health in their village. Naketi tradition as a form of local knowledge that is positive for minimal preparation before delivery of maternal psychological side.Naketi as positive tradition form of local wisdom for preparation before delivery. Recomendations: Do allert village establishment in another village with civil society organization and the participation support of the head of the village and across sectors.

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