Information and Communication Technologies for Development (IC T4D) in Indonesia: Opportunities and Challenges

Kanika Metre
February 22, 2013


Information and CommunicationTechnologies (ICTs) are now advancing quickly in emerging markets such as Indonesia. Between 80-95% of the Indonesian population already has access to mobile phones while Internet access, increasingly via mobile phones, is growing rapidly. In 2012, at least 20% of Indonesians had some form of Internet access—nearly half of who access Internet via mobile phones. The number of Indonesians online has doubled in the two years since 2010. As the uptake of mobile phones and mobile Internet has swiftly increased, so to has the use of social media. Facebook, in particular, has for many Indonesians become the Internet. There are nearly the same number of Facebook users as Internet users in Indonesia; and increasingly now for many new Internet users the rst interaction with the Internet is through accessing Facebook applications already loaded onto even basic (non-smart) mobile phones.

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