Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Keeping Record of Goods Exchange Operations at Transfer Prices

Igor Kononov
2022  •  DOI: 10.38188/2534-9228.22.1.14


The purpose of the article is the development of organizational and methodological tools of keeping record of goods exchange operations at transfer prices. The article studies peculiarities of business operations accounting and preparation of financial reports with the glance to differences in record keeping systems of different countries in order to establish effective data exchange between accounting services of the companies involved in foreign economic activity. It was proven that the use of transfer pricing has a considerable effect on labor intensity of record keeping operations and complicates the process of establishment of record keeping system, requiring increase in the accounting department staff and additional financial and material costs. The main steps of development of an effective information system for keeping record of FEA operations at transfer prices have been identified. Functional and technical requirements, algorithm of information system operation, including requirements to the main data sources, composition of directories for determination of comparative prices, statistical data have been developed and described. The sequence of comparative analysis for determination of compatibility of companies and business operations has been developed. A documentogram for keeping record of goods (works, services) at transfer prices for trade enterprises has been developed. It was proposed to perform transfer pricing control, take operative decisions to enhance its effectiveness and productivity, systematize the contents, to order its structure and document routes using the documentogram. Multisegment analytical breakdowns for building working chart of accounts for keeping record of business operations at transfer prices.

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