Comparative Analysis of Innovative and Socio-economic Development of Enterprises and Other Purposeful Systems

Yuliia Horiashchenko
2022  •  DOI: 10.38188/2534-9228.22.1.10


The purpose of the study is the scientific substantiation of theoretical and methodological support of innovative and socio-economic development of enterprises and other purposeful systems. The study uses the latest provisions of the theory of social development, systemology, economic information theory, institutional and neo-institutional economic theory, strategic, industrial and innovation management. Development is defined as the archetype of entrepreneurship and the most important category of socio-economic life. The study established a link between socio-economic and innovative development of enterprises and other socio-economic systems. The directions of business that suffered and developed during the corona crisis were analyzed and an assessment of its innovation was provided. The mutual influence of socio-economic and innovative development of enterprises is proved. Peculiarities of development of innovation activity in the conditions of imperfect branch structure of economy are substantiated. It was emphasized that Ukrainian enterprises should adapt the market and business experience of the world is leading countries, improve infrastructure and the institutional environment, increase human capital, knowledge and technology. The direct vector of innovative development for Ukrainian entrepreneurship is Ukraine's integration into the EU: for enterprises and educational and research institutions – into the European Scientific Area, infusion into clusters specializing in «aerospace industry» – south-eastern Poland, «toolmaking» – Slovenia, «automotive industry» – Slovakia. Emphasis is placed on the expediency of applying the world practice of creating new targeted tools to support the economic and innovative development of entrepreneurship on the basis of medium-term and long-term programs and strategies.

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