Konsep Nasionalisme Dalam Majalah Daulat Ra'jat, 1931-1934

Ilham Nur Utomo
Neilia Kamal
2020  •  DOI: 10.24114/jasmerah journal.v2i1.17736


This article aims to discuss nationalism concept in the Daulat Ra'jat magazine in 1931-1934. Nationalism became an important issue in national movement periode were disseminated through the press. This study is based on historical methods: heuristic, criticism, interpretation, and historiography. The published of Daulat Ra'jat magazine was affected by the conflict between two groups of PNI members after disbaded. The group named Golongan Merdeka which later envolved into PNI Baru publised Daulat Ra'jat as movement media and cadres education. Daulat Ra'jat became education magazine because it purposes to educating cadres and contains theoretical and conceptual writings. Nationalism became an interesting topic to be published because it vocalizes national conscious and was at the same time actualized in the PNI Baru Movement. This study showed that ethnicity still became an important issue and probleme in Indonesia national movement after Sumpah Pemuda in 1928. Nationalism in Daulat Ra'jat not fully oriented to the West, but it also based on the diverse people of Hindia Belanda, disseminated by education, different from the most movement groups at the time which tend to be aggressive. In this case, Daulat Ra'jat required a national with no sence of superiority in certain races, neutral towards religion, and ruled out a sense of provinsialism amid the enthnic diversity.

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