Improving Front Rolling Learning Outcomes In Floor Gymnastics Learning Through Game Models: Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Guling Depan pada Pembelajaran Senam Lantai melalui Model Permainan

Dini Tho Chandra
Syamsulrizal Syamsulrizal
Razali Razali
Muhammad Iqbal
September 27, 2021  •  DOI: 10.53905/inspiree.v2i3.50


The purpose of the study. To improve the learning outcomes of front roll in floor gymnastics learning through a game model at Kemala Bhayangkari 2 Junior High School, South Jakarta.Materials and methods. The method in this research is classroom action which follows the model of Kemmis and Taggart theory. This research is planned for 3 cycles where each cycle has 4 stages, namely planning, acting, observing and reflecting. The research time was 3 months with 30 students as research subjects, while data were collected through tests, interviews and observations.Results. The average score of students in the initial conditions was 70.46 with a percentage of completeness of 38.46%. This condition experienced an increase in the average score of students in the first cycle, which was 73.08 and the percentage of completeness was 57.69%. In the second cycle, the average value of the front roll ability of students again increased by 82.82 with a percentage of completeness of 80.77%.Conclusions. This shows that the previously set target has been achieved so that the research is stopped in cycle II.

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