Tontemboan Affixes Notes in Teaching English Tenses

Tirza Kumayas
2021  •  DOI: 10.32535/ijabim.v6i1.1088


Teaching English language is a big challenge in Minahasa. Students are still unable to master or even comprehend English even after eleven years learning the language at primary and secondary levels. This research entitled “Tontemboan Affixes Relates to English Tenses” aims to identify, classify and describe the affixes and analyze the similarities and differences of affixes used in both languages, English and Tontemboan. This research used descriptive method, which includes preparation, collecting the data, and analyzing the data. The result showed that some affixes in Totemboan language have different functions of affixes in English. Simple present tense functions the habitual action by adding ma' before the morpheme, following the verb. The present continuous tense which is formed by adding ma' as prefix has a global meaning. Past continuous tense indicated by adding the prefix ma' and simple past tensi indicated by adding a base prefix and infix with the initials are consonant.

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