Pendapat Pembaca Awam terhadap Buku “Air Susu Ibu: dari Ayah untuk Ibu dan Bayi”

Judhiastuty Februhartanty
Andi Mariyasari Septiari
Suci Destriatania
February 1, 2011


Although fathers were known supportive in mothers' breastfeeding practice, they have limited access toward correct information about breastfeeding practice. Book can be a potential source of information for fathers. This preliminarystudy is aimed at exploring opinion about a book containing information about breastfeeding and the role of father from voluntary male and female readers as informants. This study employed qualitative approach. Informants were recruited purposively based on their educational level, sex, marital status, parity, and fondness of book reading. Content analysis was employed for analysis. This study found that all informants stated that the book is important and beneficial, however, breastfeeding is as female domain. Having the book read, all informants agreed that fathers do play roles in breastfeeding practice, that is in this study found to be related to psychological support to the breastfeeding mothers. It is suggested that this study needs to be followed up by other study to assess the effect of the book in improving the knowledge, attitude, and practice of the readers.

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