Unveiling the Life of Purdahnashins: A Study of Muslim Women Struggle in India for Identity and Gender Justice in Anees Jung's Work Night of the New Moon

Sumana Mukherjee


This paper attempts to examine through Anees Jung's work Night of the New Moon, those socio-cultural and religious practices which through interpretation or (mis)interpretation by the patriarchal Muslim community, have kept women at a subjugated position since time immemorial. It also attempts to look beyond the veiled faces of Muslim women, and to peep into their lives in order to bring to the forefront their stories of pain and struggle that they have silently been suffering from, due to their degraded status, lack of individuality and justice in their family and community in particular and society at large. This would be done by bringing forth their unheard voices through the narratives of the Muslim women that Anees Jung have recorded during her interviews with them, in various parts of India. Apart from this, the paper would also ponder over the struggle that Muslim women are fighting to regain their lost identity, position, rights and justice in society so that they can be uplifted and emancipated and their problems can be resolved for a better and more prosperous future of our country.

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