Analysis of Non- Performing Assets in Covid– 19 Periods: A Comparative Study of Government and Private Banks of India

Sarika Varma
Naveen Ram
Jitendra Lohani


In this present paper we have focused on Private and government banks NPAs. This is a comparative study of government and private sector banks, here we have analyzed the relationship between Private bank NPAs and Government banks NPAs. we have analyzed significant difference between private banks NPAs and government banks NPAs. In our study we found that after 2017 the government and private sector banks has increasing growth rate of GNPAs. Government sector 2016-2017 gross NPAs growth rate was 11.7 percent which increased to 14.6 percent. (RBI financial stability repost 2018) In year 2018-19 the growth rate increased 11.6 percent. In case of private banks it has increasing rate from 2017 to 2020. COVID- 19, NPA, GNPAs, Private Banks, Government Banks, RBI.

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