An Empirical Study on the Cognitive Impacts of Music Across Different Generations of Individuals in Mitigating Stress

Kyle Meyers
Propali Bhattacharjee
Mahek Khan
Devesh Yadav


The efficacy of music in therapeutically influencing human lifestyle can be broadly classified. Music is known to relieve stress and anxiety (Meyers et al., 2021). The influence of music in the cognitive regions of the brain and its ability to stimulate the body's reward centers is considered a powerful tool to enhance and flourish human life. What makes music different from other mediums of stress relief is that the music industry is backed by variety. Individuals have the freedom to choose from different genres and select what best suits their personality. All humans share this cross-culturally existing feature called ‘music' which is customizable and universal by nature (CROSS, 2001). Data was collected from 100 healthy respondents. Results showed that 83% of the participants chose music as the main source of distraction during stressful conditions. Pop and hip-hop was found to be the most preferred music genre for people in the age group of 15-35 years whereas classical music genre was the most preferred choice for individuals above 35 years of age. Another important observation in this paper was that the majority of the respondents increase their duration of listening to music during stressful situations, thus showing the significance of music as a solitary source in overcoming stress. In this paper, we aim to gauge the role of stress and the influence of music in positively mediating anxiety and stress issues in common individuals across different generations. .

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