Ethics And Humanities: Exploration Of Linkages

Harvinder Singh


There has been a phenomenal expansion in epistemology over the globe; ever since the Greek Civilization. Aristotle was considered to be the first exponent of Ethics. He was of the view that, the true self is the rational self. The activity of thorough actualizes the rational self. On the other hand, the monumental historical treatise of Plato on Politics gave rise to the emergence of Political Moralities. Likewise, Herodotus the famous Greek Philosopher and Historian emphasized upon Human Ethics in different Cultural Realms.Nowadays, no branch of knowledge can be sustained aloof due to the emergence of epistemological linkages. And, the ethics is perhaps no exception to this rule. With, the emergence of Multidisciplinary Approach [as one of the tool of research methodology] probably, during the first half of 20th Century. It becomes possible to explore the linkages inferred from ethics and humanities. The present research article seeks to investigate the relational and functional linkages.

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