Cause Related Marketing of Daily Consumption Items and Their Impact on Buying Decision of Consumers of Rohtak District

Jyoti Jyoti
Ishwar Mittal


Cause related marketing (Cr M) has been playing a significant role for understanding a strategically located position and tool of the marketing which tend to Links product or Company or brand to relevant cause. The present study is related to children welfare activities of Tata Foundation. This foundation works through CRY, A noted NGO; which works as a noble cause supporting the children's education. Tata Foundation has been using Tata Salt and Tata tea; as their product for promoting the educationamong the children. The study is based on primary source of information, which has taken from 200 respondents who make use of Tata Salt and Tata tea for their daily consumption. These two consumers items are daily users, who have given significant contribution on one packet @ Rs 1 per packet which goes to promote the children's education as a significant contribution; contributed by the salt and tea consumers. On the basis of this study, shows a considerable impact on decision making of these two products; as tested by t-test on the propensity of buying these two products in view of welfare oriented task for the children.

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