The Effect of Co-branding Strategy Elements on Consumer Attitude and Purchase Intention : A Study in Indonesia

Rafiati Kania
Kuntihapsari Sri Sukoyo
Nono Wibisono
2021  •  DOI: 10.35313/jmi.v1i01.17


According to brand alliance literature, the compatibility of both brand characteristics in co-branded products will raise consumer positive attitude and purchase intention. Previous researches have explored co-branding strategy between the same sector or complement product character from different sector. However, few researchs have conducted exploration of the co-branding strategy in a different sector with less complement character. This study seeks to construct the value of co-branding strategy influencing female consumer attitude as well as purchase intention where the less-known Indonesian cosmetics brand who invite well-known food brands to create blended characteristics of cosmetic products. Three co-branded products namely Mizzu Cosmetics x Khong Guan Biscuits, Dear Me Beauty x Yupi, Dear Me Beauty x Sasa, Dear Me Beauty x Nissin as the object of research. A total of 358 questionnaires were distributed to female cosmetic consumers aged between 19-41. The proposed research model has been tested using PLS-SEM. The finding highlight prior attitude toward host brand appear weak to influence attitude toward co-branded. However, brand fit could mediate prior attitude toward host brand in influencing atittude toward co-branded. Mediating roles of brand fit, attitude toward co-brand, and post-attitude toward host brand appear important in the element of consumer attitude and purchase intention. A well-known and suitable co-branding partner is needed to give exposure to the co-branded product and provide a spill-over effect for the host brands. This study contribute to add spill-over effect phenomenon in brand alliance literatures. .

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