The Effect of Perceived Usefulness, Trust and Visual Information Toward Attitude and Purchase Intention

Vika Gustyana Mulyani
Moh Farid Najib
Alexandre Desausa Guteres
2021  •  DOI: 10.35313/jmi.v1i01.12


Bandung is a culinary city in Indonesia that continues to show the growth of restaurants in the region. It provides intense competition for business people in the culinary industry to keep them alive. The consumer trend itself was change about how-to learning company not through advertising but the article becomes the choice, such as in Instagram. The study was aimed at identifying the influence of Instagram Food Blogger elements (perceived usefulness, trust, and visual information) on consumer buying attitudes and purchase intention. To test the proposed model, this study applies variance-based structural equations Partial least squares (PLS) modeling with a sample of 200 Instagram Food Blogger recommendations' readers in Bandung, Indonesia. The results show all variables have a positive effect on attitudes and purchase intention, only perceived usefulness does not show a significant effect on purchase intention. As a follow-up on the results of the study, the managerial implication of these findings is discussed.

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