Implementasi Tanggungjawab Reklamasi Pertambangan Timah di Pulau Belitung

Dwi Haryadi
Darwance Darwance
Reko Dwi Salfutra
2018  •  DOI: 10.33019/progresif.v12i2.972


Mining is one of the sectors that becomes an economic country's support until now.Environmental issues is kind of difficult things and can't even be separated from miningactivities. Belitung island is as part of the largest tin-producing province in Indonesia thathas been exploited since the 18 century. It also has experienced the environmental crisisas well as other mining areas has in Indonesia. This research is conducted as an effort todiscover and unravel the problematic implementation of reclamation on the ex-tin mine'sland in Belitung Island by using a conceptual approach and legislative approach. Basedon the observation's result, it shows that the reclamation's result in Belitung Island hasnot been successful. Data from PT Timah (Persero) Tbk about the reclamation in BelitungIsland also shows that the realization is far from the plan. There is no target that achievedsuccessfully every year, also there is no reclamation that reaches 50 percent, the maximumis only 25 percent in

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