Pengaruh Komitmen Organisasi, Kepuasan Kerja dan Stres Kerja terhadap Turnover Intention Guru Sekolah X di Tangerang

Godlif Christian Poeh
Tjiptogoro Dinarjo Soehari


This research aims to examine and analyze the effect of organizational commitment, job stress and job satisfaction towards turnover intention of teachers of X School in Tangerang. Research data is taken through questionnaires distributed to the respondents who became the sample of this study. The population in this research is all kindergarten to high school teacher of X School in Tangerang. Sampling technique is probability sampling with sampling method used is random sampling method. The number of samples of this study using the calculation of the slovin formula of the population of 274 people is 163 samples. The analytical method used in this research is multiple linear regression using SPSS 24 software. The results showed organizational commitment partially affect significant negatively to the turnover intention of teachers of X School in Tangerang, while job stress and job satisfaction are partially effect positively significant to the turnover intention of teachers of X School in Tangerang. In addition, organizational commitment, job stress, and job satisfaction effect simultaneously significantly to the turnover of intention of teachers of X School in Tangerang. It is recommended that School X management maintain and increase teachers' commitment with benefits and rewards that increase proportionately. For further research it is suggested not only to examine the teacher population, but also non-teacher staff, as well as research held at other schools still in one school group X in Tangerang.

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