Pengaruh Budaya Organisasi dan Komunikasi terhadap Employee Engagement Pegawai (Studi Kasus pada Sekretariat Kabinet)

Raden Resdiana
M. Havidz Aima


This study aims to determine the influence of organizational culture and communication on employee engagement to the employee in Cabinet Secretary of The Republic of Indonesia. Methods of data analysis that been used in this research is descriptive and multiple regression analysis. Methods of collecting primary data in the form of a questionnaire using Likert scale. Validity and reliability testing using the test Pearson product moment and statistic Cronbach Alpha. The results of 212 respondents showed that organizational culture variable have the greatest influence compared to communication variable, and also the regression equation shows that all regression coefficients have a positive sign which means if the values of the independent variables of organizational culture and communication is improved it will encourage improvement The dependent variable is employee engagement. The higher the organization culture variable, the higher the value of the employee engagement variable. The higher the communication variable, the higher the value of the employee engagement variable. In general, Employee Engagement is influenced by two independent variables used in this research that is independent of Organization Culture and Communication 58,4%. And there is 41,6% influenced by other variables not examined in this research.

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