Data Quality Management Maturity Measurement of Government-Owned Property Transaction in BMKG

Septian Bagus Wibisono
Achmad Nizar Hidayanto
Widijanto Satyo Nugroho
2018  •  DOI: 10.21512/commit.v12i2.4470


Government-Owned Property (GOP) management, including the bookkeeping of GOP transaction, is part of GOP Officer responsibility to ensure the quality of transaction data. This responsibility also applies toGOP Officer in Indonesian Agency for Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysics Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi, dan Geofisika (BMKG). GOP data as the source for the Central Government Financial Report is expected to be well-maintained. It must be presented as accurate as possible, although there are still inaccurate data presented in the latest BMKG GOP Report. This qualitative research using document study and some interview sessions aims to measure how well the Data Quality Management (DQM) maturity of GOP transaction in BMKG using Loshin's Data Quality Maturitymodel. Thus, the result of maturity assessment is analyzed to recommend and implement DQM activities from the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBOK). The purpose is to improve GOP DQM. The research shows that the level of DQM maturity is at a repeatable level to defined level. Moreover, 52 maturity characteristics need to be followed through with DQM activities.

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