Pengaruh Jaringan Kerja Bni terhadap Efektifitas Zakat Produktif (Studi di Baitul Mal Umat Islam Bni)

Soya Sobaya


The aim of this research is to analyze the network management of zakat institution and tooversee its rule to implement productive zakat efficiently. Research method implemented isfield research with quantitative approach using statistical analysis. The research was conductedin Baitul Mal Umat Islam or BAMUIS of BNI Sharia. Effectiveness is analyzed asdependent variable and network collectability as independent variable. The data was obtainedthrough the interview and observation. The conclusion of the research suggests thatBAMUIS network using human resources in each BNI Sharia offices as channeling agent ismonitored quarterly. Besides that, intensive communication as evaluation and silaturrahimtool are also implemented. BAMUIS also interact with sharia partners as a commitment tooperate in sharia basis. Network also indicates a good impact on collectability or in otherword optimizing network can maximize productive zakat benefits.

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