Studi Kepatuhan Syariah Dan Manfaat Ekonomi Terhadap Minat Investor Dalam Pembelian Sukuk Negara

Aan Nasrullah
Umar Burhan
Multifiah Multifiah


This study aims to: Determine the influence of sharia compliances and economic benefits variables to the investors in the purchase of sovereign sukuk and Determine kind of variables between sharia compliances and economic benefits of the most dominant influence to investor interests in purchasing of sovereign sukuk. This study used a quantitative approach with descriptive methods. Estimates of data using time series regression with OLS models. The findings show that, sharia compliances and economic benefits variables significantly to the investor interest in purchasing sovereign sukuk, but the most influential variable is a variable interest rate. These findings describe the high rate of purchase of sovereign sukuk were more affected speculative variables. Therefore sovereign sukuk should be revised and refined, so the sovereign sukuk issuance in accordance with the purposes and functions which drive the growth and development of the Islamic financial market.

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