Pengaruh Gaya Kepemimpinan dan Kompensasi terhadap Motivasi Kerja Karyawan Hotel Muria Semarang

Ndaru Prasastono
October 2012


This study was conducted to examine and analyze the influence of leadership style and compensation to employee motivation at the Muria Hotel Semarang, either partial or simultaneously, and examine the variables which are the dominant influences. The method used in this study is explanatory method, the research is taking place Muria Hotel Semarang, with a sample of some 70 employees, data collection techniques of observation, questionnaires, interviews and literature study. The results of data analysis showed that the partial effect on the motivation of the leadership style of work with the standardized beta coefficient of 0.640, and the compensation effect on the motivation to work with a standardized beta coefficient of 0.381. While simultaneously indicated by the coefficient of determination adjusted R Square of 0.850 means that the variable leadershipstyle and compensation able to explain 85.0% change in employee motivation at the Muria Hotel Semarang.

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