Kualitas Pelayanan di Mc Donald's Semarang

Ndaru Prasastono
Artin Bayu Mukti
June 2005


Restaurant is a business field, which its scope of activities is to provide the food and beverages in order to get the profit. Various kinds of food can be found presently by customers, which are served by many kinds of restaurant trough out the world. One of them is the menu processed with chicken or beef. The restaurants' tight competitions with the chicken and beef menus happened not only among local business, but also with the foreign ones. In such a tight restaurant competition, sometimes trademark really influence customer's decision in buying besides the product itself, the price, place, service, and also the promotions done by the restaurant. In this research, the variable studied will cover the promotion, price, products, place, and service given by a company as a customer's consideration in buying, where the customer will complete and submit the questionnaire to the researcher.

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