Mental Disorders in Children and Adolescents with HIV and Various Factors Related

Shiely T. Hartadi
Fransiska Kaligis
R. Irawati Ismail
Charles E. Damping
Nia Kurniati
December 2017  •  DOI: 10.23886/ejki.5.7215.


HIV/AIDS may affect all ages, including children and adolescent. HIV may lead to various physical and mental problems. This study aims to measure the prevalence of mental disorder in children and adolescent infected with HIV and various other factors related. This cross sectional study was done during August until November 2014, included 92 patients in Allergic-Immunology outpatient clinic in Pediatric Department of Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital. Samples were interviewed to collect personal data, examined using SDQ and MINI KID questionnaires.The results showed 18.5% and 25% of the samples have emotional and behavioral problem. Approximately 23.9% have mental disorders, with separation anxiety (7.6%), ADHD/ attention deficit and hyperactive disorder (7.6%), adjustment disorder (1.1%), major depression (4.3%), and oppositional defiant disorder (3.3%). Analysis suggest that samples who are currently attending school, and samples that have not disclosed to their condition as being HIV+, are more protected from mental problems, though not statistically significant. The prevalence of mental disorders in children and adolescent with HIV are higher than the general population. Emotional, hyperactivity and behavioral problems are related to mental disorder.

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