Implementasi Sistem Perizinan USAha Tambang Pasir di Sungai Batanghari Kab. Batang Hari dalam Perspektif Hukum

Sayuti Sayuti


On the one hand, indeed, can give a positive development for the advancement of the economic, social, cultural and so on. But on the other hand, development can also have negative effects to people's lives. With regard to economic development efforts in the field of human resources management, these efforts are expected to be made in the form of environmentally friendly development. But the reality is not so, because many companies or industries that are not able to provide benefits to the environment and even vice versa. This is where the actual main function of granting permittance to the authorities, because it permit is a state administrative decision rendered pursuant to applicable regulations. Especially the business permittance system implementation sand mine in Batang Hari River, when viewed from a legal perspective, the implementation of the permittance system is not yet fully run in accordance with the legislation, because they found that the procedure has not been carried out properly and not been determined by a specifically juridical basis regulate the permittance issues.

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