Hubungan antara Karakteristik Responden, Keadaan Wilayah dengan Pengetahuan, Sikap terhadap Hiv/aids pada Masyarakat Indonesia

Oktarina Oktarina
Fachrudi Hanafi
Made Asri Budisuari


Background: Efforts have been made tackling the HIV/AIDS in Indonesia but have not obtained satisfactory results, prevention efforts conducted through community education and counseling on risk population that was easily spread the disease. Transmission and spread of HIV/AIDS was associated with risk behavior, because of the need to consider the factors that affect behavior. Behavior is influenced by factors of knowledge and attitudes that influenced the obtaining and the characteristics and shelter. Methods: The data were cross sectional, with the amount, and the large sample according Riskesdas rule in 2007. Results of analysis were presented in the form of a cross-tabulation and analyzed using statistical techniques and descriptive kualiatif. Results: Results show that respondents' characteristics (gender, education, employment), the region has significant relationship to the level of knowledge about HIV/AIDS. Level of knowledge also have a meaningful relationship with the attitudes of respondents.

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