Kebijakan Harga Obat di Indonesia dan Perbandingannya dengan Negara-negara Lain

Selma Siahaan
Jully 2009


Indonesia is facing challenge of medicines prices. Many people complaining about high price of medicines. Several efforts have been done by the government, however access people to the medicines is still a big issue. To improve the affordability of medicines for public, the policy related to the medicines prices need to be revised. In addition, the appropriate of this policy would lead to the efficient of medicines expenditure. Study from other countries experience is a good way to do in order to understand the issues comprehensively, anticipate the pitfall of the policy, and address to solve the key problems of medicines prices. Based on the study, it can be concluded that medicines prices cannot be lower without government intervention. Indonesia that following to the market mechanism for medicines prices can intervene the price indirectly through several policies such as providing reference prices and pharmaco-economic evaluation for new drugs, oblige pharmacy industries to be transparent in term of their policy for fixing the medicines prices in the market, limited "mee too" medicines, adding the item number of generic medicines, and keep promoting the use of generic medicines which connecting with incentives for physicians and pharmacies. Furthermore, the management of public medicines should be more efficient and accountable. Key words: medicines prices, medicines prices policy, medicines prices expenditure.

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