Prevalensi Penyakit Hipertensi Penduduk Di Indonesia Dan Faktor Yang Berisiko

Sarwanto Sarwanto
Lestari Kanti Wilujeng
Rukmini Rukmini
April 2009  •  DOI: 10.22435/bpsk.v12i2 Apr.1925


Background: The analysis of hypertension prevalence for Indonesia citizen aging of 15 years old and over, and its risk factors has been conducted. Data of National Health Basic Survey (Riskesdas) 2007 and National Health Survey (Susenas) 2007 data were used. Methods: Variables analyzed were: 1) Social Economics and individual characteristics (age, sex, marital status, education, settlement area, social economic groups), 2) Risk behavior (smoking habit, fruits and vegetables consumption), 3) Body Mass Index (BMI) group, and 4) Mental disordered. Analysis emphasized on descriptionof hypertension prevalence by social economics, individual characteristics, risk behavior factors, BMI groups and mental disordered. The correlation of hypertension toward behavior factors, BMI groups, and mental disordered groups were done in order to determine the relationship between them using logistics regression technique. It was also to find out the most dominant factor. Results: showed that 34.9% Indonesia citizen suffered from hypertension (by measuring individual blood pressure). People in Java-Bali has the highest prevalence (35.9%) of hypertension while the lowest was in Sumatra (32.9%). Hypertension prevalence (by interview respondents diagnosed the health professional) only 7.4%. Multiple logistics regression analysis showed that heavy smoker, obese, and heavy mental disorder has correlation significantly (p = 0.000) toward hypertension. The most dominant factor increasing hypertension risked was obese.

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