Kajian Tentang Pengembangan Sentra Kesehatan Reproduksi sebagai Unit Pelayanan Puslitbang Sistem dan Kebijakan Kesehatan (P3skk) Surabaya

Sk Poerwani
Widjiartini Widjiartini
Evie Sopacua
Jully 2008


This is a exploration study with the objective to analyze the development of Health Reproductive Center in Health Policy and System Research and Development Center in Surabaya. Data which was collected included Health Reproductive Center's programs, its capabilities and stakeholders expectanctes. Data was collected using questionaires, secondary data and assessing papers by fasilitators on the health reproductive workshop. Results of this study was that the development of the Health Reproductive Center must be done to support the health reproductive program of Health Department. Expectancies of stakeholders is that Health Reproductive Center should do their functions comprehensive, holistic in accordinative partnership. The recommendation was that Health Reproductive Center should be facilitated by Health Policy and System Research and Development Center to perform as the stakeholder's expectancies that is health reproductive information center to do advocacy and proposals development.

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