Pengetahuan dan Kebutuhan Pelayanan Informasi Kesehatan Reproduksi Remaja di Beberapa Kota Besar di Jawa

Paiman Soeparmanto
Imam Waluyo
Nella Ramdhani
June 2001


Adolescent is the candidate of fertile age couple that will create a family. Knowledge, attitude and behavior of their reproduction at the present will influence the family forms in the future. Adolescent as the candidate of fertile life. The phase of adolescent is signed by the maturity of reproduction instruments. The appear of sexual supporting and curiosity to this age phase needs guidance so can be controlled an does not make a problem that can harm the life of their reproduction next time. The purpose of this study was to observe the level of knowledge, attitude and emotion of adolescent and the health sevices need of adolescent reproduction at some big towns in Indonesia such as, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya. The sample of this study was 786 students of SMU, SLTP and children who did not get school in the age of 14 until 18 years old. The data was gathered with the questionaire and discussion of directed group. The data analysis was done by compare test with score description on the average and standard cross sectional, percentage and synthetic. The result obtained that showed the adolescent's knowledge about the aspect of reproduction mature sign and infected diseases still about 52-56% whoanswered the questioner correctly and maturity of adolescent's emotion was relative low. The adolescent who was actively be boy and gilrfriends at this study amount 41.1% and begin to be boy and girlfriend amount about 13-14 years old. The way of giving health information of reproduction that is expected by the adolescent namely discussion, hot line service (phone), conseling through the letter and medium such as booklet, leafleat, brochure and poster. The pepople that are expected giving information service to the adolescent is their friend of the same age, teacher, profesional institution, parents and doctor/midwife. The expected material is moral values, law, religion, adolescent development, adolescent intercourse, the health sexual behavior and drugs.

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