Studi Tentang Faktor-faktor yang Mempengaruhi Penampilan Kerja Dokter Ptt di Indonesia

Sulistyawati H.
Cholis Bachroen
Prayoga Prayoga
Evie Sopacua
Suharti Ajik + 2 penulis lainnya
Doti Indrasanto
Gunawan Setiadi
March 1997


The medical doctor in health centre (HC) is the most important key person to improve and maintain the HC performance. Since 1992, the Ministry of Health of Indonesia (MOH-RI) has implemented a contract scheme for medical doctor in the HC. This study is an explorative study in searching major factors influencing the performance of contract medical doctor. Another objective of this study is to develop an approriate supervision model of the contract medical doctor in HC. Respondent consist of key policy makers at MOH-RI, provincial health officer and district health officer from Central Kalimantan, East Nusa Tenggara and South-East Sulawesi. Other respondent are 280 contract medical doctors who has been worked more than one year from 11 selected provinces. Focus group discussion, indepth interview and observation are used as the main methods for data collection at the policy makers level. Mailing questionaires are sent to the contract medical doctor as the main data collection method. The result of this study shows that age, motivation before and during employment, boring situation, job satisfaction and overtime of works are significant factors in influencing the performance of contract medical doctors. The most important finding is the uncertainty of post employment contract that made low performance of contract medical doctors. The creation of good environment, team works, good and appropriate supervision, and orientation of the HC programs in matching with the need and demand of the local problems should be carried out in improving the contract medical doctors in HC. Post employment contract should be prepared appropriately by the MOH-RI in order to increase the performance of contract medical doctor optimally.

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