The Relationships Among Knowledge, Attitude, and Compliance of Gravida (Expectant Mothers) and the Utilization of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Book at Puskesmas Geger and Kedundung in Bangkalan, East Java, Year 2013

Oktarina Oktarina
Mugeni Sugiharto
April 2015


Background: Maternal and Child Health (KIA) book is early detection of high risk maternal group. The utilization of this book was 17,764 (89.3%) in 2011 and 19,464 (98.8%) in 2012. The compliance of pregnant women and mothers under-five who brought their KIA book was 59,556 (72.1%) in 2011 and 12,532 (64.3%) in 2012.This study is aimed to identify the relationships among knowledge, attitude, and compliance of pregnant women towards the utilization of KIA book in Puskesmas Geger and Puskesmas Kedundung, Bangkalan East Java. Methods: This study is observational. The objective of the study was determined by the researcher at a certain time. Primary data were quantitative. The samples were 80 responden pregnant mother and baby of mother. Results:(87.8%) of respondents less knowledge but good use KIA Book. 70 respondents (90,9%) had good attidute and good use KIA book, compliance of respondents were more likely to use KIA book weel. The lack of KIA books found in some Puskesmas in Geger. There were 635 pregnant mothers who got nothing as. While all of gravida owned the books. Puskesmas Kedundung showed that either mothers with under-five or gravida owned the books while the pregnant did not. Conclusion: There is no significant correlation between knowledge and the utilization of KIA book with p 0,723 (p > 0.05). On the other hand, there is a correlation between attitudes and the utilization of KIA book p 0.002 (p < .005). The alternative hypothesis (H1) is accepted. No significant correlation refers to no relationship between the compliance and the utilization of KIA book with p = 0.079 (p > 0,05). Recommendation: Puskesmas midwives should call for either pregnant mothers or their family members to read, understand, and implement what is in the KIA book. This is to detecting pregnancy treatment, symptoms and discomforts. Therefore, Good practice and attitude of pregnant mothers will keep their pregnancy safer.

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