Memahami Mitos Jokes Meme Yang Menggunakan Perempuan

Bikki Yusriza Hidayatullah
Hapsari Dwiningtyas
October 2, 2017


Internet have a role on a violence against women, as the united nations mention that 73 percent of women are having violence on internet (Agustinus Mario. 2015. On every aspect in life, women is considered to be in second sex position even on a jokes. Former research mention that gender humor is also based on the juxtaposition of “us” and “them”, and as joke-tellers have traditionally been male, it is the women who fills the inferior role as the “other”. This described that even on a joke, women will always be evaluated, criticized, and always be directed how to be a woman. Based on those thing, this research aim to understand the myth of meme's joke that used women as an object that can be found on instagram. This research uses critical approach which tried to understand thing that dominates society. From the result of this research, every meme that took as sample, contain their own myth. The myth its self can be founded on preferred reading that the text offer to audiences. Myth that appear on this research is myth of materialistic women, myth of women will always thinking about their appearance, myth of beauty was mostly confined to the surface of the body, myth of make-up as a symbol of beauty, and myth about woman body. Some of the meme contain myth that easily accepted by the informant of this research. Myth that talk about role of women specially on how women should wear their make-up and get dressed, is kind of myth that easily accepted so that in everyday life women is charged to make their self good at making-up but also need to be natural. On the other side, myth that denied and criticized by the reader of jokes is the one contain something about women's private parts of body such as breast and buttocks. Myth that can be easily accepted shows us how things can be naturalized. Humor its self has a function that similar with myth which is can make something considered reasonable even though it containing a problem.

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