The Feature News Program “Bicara Karya”

Kautsar Widya Prabowo
S. Rouli
October 2017


The rapid development of Indonesia's economy, is inseparable from the creative industri sector that has contributed export value of Rp 852 trillion. Creative industri players are competing to produce their best works. The role of national and lokal television is needed to publish programs-programs of the development of creative industries. Therefore, our program creates a journalistic product in the form of television shows with feature news format which discusses information about creative industri in Semarang and its surroundings. Target audience based on the age of productive age range 17-25 years, where the productive age range has the potential to try new things, especially in art and creativity. The production work of the "Bicara Karya" program involves three production teams and one marketing person, with job assignments as producer, director program, cameraman, screenwriter, and marketing. This report focuses on the tasks of cameramen and script writers from the pre-production, production, and post-production stages and their constituents and solutions. The program is broadcasted every Tuesday at 18.00-18.30 WIB, at Cakra Semarang TV. With a total of 13 episodes, for 13 weeks. It is expected that the public gets educational impressions and adds information about creative industries that grow and develop in Semarang.

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