The Process of Establishing Intimate Relationship and Managing Conflict in Dating

Ajeng Novita Tunjungsari
Sri Budi Lestari
October 2017


Dating is a popular relationship among the people. Typically, dating requires a period of approach characterized by the acquaintance of each other, knowing the weakness and advantages of individuals in the relationship. But now, many couples are in a relationship without a mature approach. The relationship is only based on mutual love and many individuals know their partner only through social media. Dating can not be separated from the emergence of various conflicts. Every couple also has different efforts in managing the conflicts that arise during the process of dating. This study aims to describe how couples build intimate relationships and how to manage conflict in their relationships. This study uses qualitative approach, interpretive paradigm, and data analysis techniques used refers to the method of phenomenology. Research subjects were two pairs of informants who were dating. The theory used in this research is Triangle Theory of Love (The Triangular of Love Theory), and Managing Conflict Constructively Theory. The results of this study found that in the first couple build intimate relationship with the introduction stage until the binding stage. The first couple makes no commitment at the start of a relationship. The conflicts that arise in relation to the differences of opinion among individuals, the temperamental attitude, and the high ego of one individual in the relationship. Efforts are made to manage emerging conflicts by discussing, and tolerating the differences that cause conflict. While the second couple build intimate relationship through the stage of introduction to the stage of togetherness, where the second couple make a commitment in a relationship. The conflicts that arise in second relationship are due to differences in attitudes or responses, and violations of commitments made by individuals in relationships. Efforts are made to manage emerging conflicts is to ignore the conflict, discuss, and succumb to their partner. This is done to maintain a relationship and loyal to their partner.

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