Pengembangan Lembar Kegiatan Siswa (Lks) Berbasis Inkuiri Terbimbing pada Materi Hidrolisis Garam

Abdurrohim Abdurrohim
Tonih Feronika
Evi Sapinatul Bahriah
December 31, 2016


This research is aimed to produce Student's Activity Sheet (LKS) based on guided inquiry on salt hydrolysis and to know the students' response on developed Student's Activity Sheet. The method used in this research is Descriptive Study through three phases: preparation, development, and evaluation. An analysis of Basic Competence (KD) with indicators that had been integrated with Guided Inquiry stage for being used as reference in developing Student's Activity Sheet had been produced during the preparation stage. The development stage had produced worksheets that had been validated by 3 lecturers and 3 chemistry teacher. On the evaluation stage, the worksheets that had been validated was tested on 41 students of XI MIA 2 of SMAN 1 Parung. Products were validated and were responded basen on properness of contents, design, language, and guided inqury. The results showed that the worksheets had ben developed based on four aspects: 84,39% on design aspect, 81,47% on properness of contents aspects, 81,22% on guided inquiry aspect and 79,39% on language aspect. Overall, the average percentage of the worksheets that had been developed was 81,62%. That value included in the proper category with the very well criteria.

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