Analisis Kualitas Pengelolaan Kelas Pembelajaran Sains pada SMP Ssn di Kabupaten Pati

Prasetyaningsih Prasetyaningsih
Insih Wilujeng
December 31, 2016


This study aimed at identifying in: (1) planning the classroom management for the SSN classes and (2) managing the classroom, in the teaching and learning process of science in SSN schools.This is a evaluatif study which focuses on the classroom management of science learning in SSN junior high schools. The subjects of the research are SSN Junior High Schools of Pati Regency which focuses on the classroom management of science learning. There are six SSN schools, namely SMP N 2 Pati, SMP N 4 Pati, SMP N 1 Wedarijaksa, SMP N 1 Trangkil, SMP N 1 Tlogowungu, and SMP N 1 Gabus. The data were gained through observation, interview, questionnaire, and document study.The result shows that : the classroom management planning in SSN Junior High Schools in the science learning at Pati Regency are categorizes good: the science teacher SSN Junior High School the use of ICT in science learning was not taken into account, teaching materials (handouts, worksheets, modules and ICT-based teaching material) were not developed yet, the assessment planning did not complete. Process in the science learning at SNN junior High School are as categirizes good.

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