Sistem Deteksi Penyakit Pengeroposan Tulang dengan Metode Jaringan Syaraf Tiruan Backpropagation dan Representasi Ciri dalam Ruang Eigen

Is Mardianto
Dian Pratiwi


There are various ways to detect osteoporosis disease (bone loss). One of them is by observing the osteoporosisimage through rontgen picture or X-ray. Then, it is analyzed manually by Rheumatology experts. Article present the creationof a system which could detect osteoporosis disease on human, by implementing the Rheumatology principles. The main areasidentified were between wrist and hand fingers. The working system in this software included 3 important processing, whichwere process of basic image processing, pixel reduction process, pixel reduction, and artificial neural networks. Initially, thecolor of digital X-ray image (30 x 30 pixels) was converted from RGB to grayscale. Then, it was threshold and its gray levelvalue was taken. These values then were normalized to an interval [0.1, 0.9], then reduced using a PCA (Principal ComponentAnalysis) method. The results were used as input on the process of Backpropagation artificial neural networks to detect thedisease analysis of X-ray being inputted. It can be concluded that from the testing result, with a learning rate of 0.7 andmomentum of 0.4, this system had a success rate of 73 to 100 percent for the non-learning data testing, and 100 percent forlearning data.

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