Cumulatif Valuation of Physic-chemical Water Quality From Tondano Lake, North Sulawesi

Jan W. F. S. Tamanampo
Georis J. F. Kaligis
Lawrence J. L. Lumingas
December 2017  •  DOI: 10.35800/jip.5.2.2017.15533


The research of cumulative valuation of physico-chemical from Tondano Lake was conducted in to dry season on 2015. The purpose of the study was to analysis of water quality of the Lake such as Total Suspeded Solid (TSS), Total Disolved Solid (TDS), and Conductivity (DHL), as physical parameters, and also chemical parameters such as pH, Ca, Mg, K, SO4, Nitrogen Total, NH3, NO3, Phosfat Total, PO4, and Fe. These were done by taking water sample on 24 location.The data were analysed by multivariate analysis with soft ware statistic R versi 3.3.2, and Water quality analysis based on water quality criteria for water environment, and Decree of Government Republic Indonesian No.82 /2001 about water quality management and water pollution control.Result revealed that average and deviation standart of phyco-chemical parameters are TDS (mg/l) 192.0471 ± 94.1827, TSS (mg/l) 13.33 ± 4.8154 , DHL (µmhos/cm) 317.833 ± 161.984, pH (6.8875 ± 0.2291), Ca (mg/l) 16.6667 ± 7.2284, Mg (mg/l) 14.7714 ± 0.3860, K (mg/l) 2.330 ± 0.4467, SO4 (mg/l) 5.685 ± 5.3366, Total Nitrogen (mg/l) 2.993 ± 5.3364, NH3 (mg/l) 0.2348 ± 0.8543, NO3 (mg/l) 5.3567 ± 7.0824, Total Phosfat (mg/l) 0.3333 ± 0.4821, PO4 (mg/l) 0.1130 ± 0.3315, Fe (mg/l) 0.11 ± 0.1901Principle Componen Analysis (PCA) with Eigen value (cumulative % of variance) 62.68 % explaining 10 parameter of physical chemistry water and 10 research location as reduction data from initial data. Cluster analysis with reduction data formed (1) The research location between Eris village and eceng gondok area, and fish Pond Eris village, the dominant variable were TDS, DHL, Nitrogen Total, and NH3. (2) The research location in fish Pond Toulimembet village, in front of eceng gondok Urongo village, in front of eceng gondok Paleloan village, and in front of eceng gondok Roong village, the dominant variable were SO4, pH, and Mg, (3) The research location between Kakas villages and eceng gondok area , Kaweng village and eceng gondok area, Kaweng village and eceng gondok area, Toulimembet village and eceng gondok area, and also fish Pond Kaima village, the dominant variable were TSS, Ca, dan K.Tondano Lake has level of productivity from medium to high, and it is good for fish culture and fishery activity, prossed for drinking water, agriculture, animal husbandry, industry, and water power.

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