Preliminary Study of Fish Abundance and Size in Intertidal Waters Around Unsrat Likupang Laboratory of North Minahasa Regency

Ariesta Akbar Martino
Nego E. Bataragoa
Leonardo J. Tombokan
December 2017  •  DOI: 10.35800/jip.5.2.2017.15935


Fish that migrate to tidal areas are usually dominated by the juvenile phase. This research was conducted in order to know the abundance and variation of species that present in the intertidal water areas around Likupang Field Laboratory. Sampling for data was conducted by using a coastal net during the new moon, quater and full moon phase in the months of October and November 2016. The species abundance was calculated based on the Importance Value Index (IVI) formula, length variation and length frequency distribution. During the field study, 723 individuals were recorded that belong to 93 species. The species abundance calculations, based on the important value index (IVI), were found ranging from 6.90% to 0.38%. It was recorded also that there are 3 species with relatively higher IVI score i.e Chelonodon patoca (6.90%), Paraplotosus albilabris (4.74%) and Caranx melampygus (3.75%). The variations in the size among migratory fish are generally abserved in the juvenile phase, except for some species such as Ambassador urotaenia, Plotosus lineatus, Taeniura lymma, and Terapon jarbua that reach adult size.

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