Strategi Pengembangan Situs Manusia Purba Sangiran Sebagai Daya Tarik Wisata Budaya

Enny Mulyantari


Tourism proved to contribute in the acceptance of local revenues and plays a role in alleviating poverty. Tourism also plays a role in efforts to improve the nation's identity and encourage awareness and community pride of the natural and cultural wealth. With the tourism, a country or more specifically of local government where it is located, will get revenue from the income of each tourism destination. Potential tourism attraction in Sangiran, Sragen has not fully optimally managed,so that the existence of a tourism asset has not received the maximun response from visitors in the form of tourist visits.The problem in this research is how the potential of cultural tourism Sangiran site and what strategies are applied to the future development of Sangiran Site as a tour. This research aims to find the strategies in Sangiran tourism development according with the character as world heritage site. This research uses SWOT analysis, to find strengths weaknesses factors, opportunities and challenges faced in the development of these attractions. This research is a qualitative which look at research as a process, in order to gain a deep understanding with regard to community interaction in the area of research, Sangiran Site, Kalijambe, Sragen, Central Java Province.

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