Riwayat Berat Badan Lahir dengan Kejadian Stunting pada Anak Usia Bawah Dua Tahun

Atikah Rahayu
Fahrini Yulidasari
Andini Octaviana Putri
Fauzie Rahman
November 8, 2015


North Hulu Sungai District is still facing nutrition problems among children under two years old. One of nutrition problems up to now is stunting. Child with low birthweight (LBW) record is one of potential factors influencing the growth of a child. This study aimed to assess any risk of LBW records with stunting incidence among children under two years old. This study used cross-sectional design. The population was mothers having children under two years old and samples amounted to 117 consisted of children under two years old. This study was conducted within three months on September – November 2014. Category of LBW was if birth weight records < 2,500 gram. Bivariate data analysis used chi-square test and multivariate data analysis used logistic regression test. The result of bivariate analysis showed a significant relation between LBW status records (p value = 0.015) with stunting incidence among children under two years old. Based on the result of multivariate analysis, LBW was the most dominating risk factor related to stunting incidence. Children with LBW had 5.87 times risk of suffering from stunting. LBW records take an important role in stunting incidence among children under two years old around Sungai Karias Primary Health Care area in North Hulu Sungai.

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