Study of the Right of Foreign Ship Against State Sovereignty (Case Study Indonesia)

Maria Maya Lestari
2017  •  DOI: 10.17304/ijil.vol14.4.704


Recognition of the archipelagic concept accommodated in chapter IV United Nations Conventions Law of The Sea (LOSC) 1982. The implication of this recognition is archipelagic states have sovereignty for their marine space. There are 3 zonation in sea sovereignty, that are inland water, territorial waters and archipelagic water. However, only in inland water that archipelagic states has full sovereignty such as on land, while another zone, it has followed by other states rights, One of which is right of passage. The right of another state passage is consisted by right of innocent passage, right of archipelagic sealine passage and there is also right of transit passage, which one all of that right of passage are depending on zones depending on the zone that is crossed. Talked about archipelagic sea-lanes passage (ASLP), Indonesia has to determine 3 archipelagic sea lanes passage and the consequence that all foreign ships should pass over that routes. For that reason, in this paper will discuss Indonesian sea sovereignty zone and right another state inside, along with implications for Indonesia after determination of archipelagic sealine passage.

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