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The Impact of Student-Teacher Relationships, Content Knowledge, and Teaching Ability on Students with Diverse Motivation Levels

the purpose of this research study was to explore the impact effective teacher characteristics have on student motivation within the classroom in order to inform education preparation programs (epps) ...

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Bilgisayar Destekli Dil ÖğReniminden Mobil Destekli Dil ÖğRenimine: Teknolojinin İNgilizce ÖğRetimine Entegrasyonu

bu çalışma İngilizce öğretiminin teknoloji ile bağdaştırılmasının farklı yönlerine ilişkin genel bir çerçeve çizmektedir. Çalışmada, call' dan (bilgisayar destekli dil Öğrenimi) baş

Turkish EFL Pre-Service Teachers' Views on Integrating Various Literary Genres in Teaching English

the aim of this qualitative study was to have a deeper understanding of turkish pre-service efl teachers' views on integrating short stories, poems, plays and novels in english language teaching. in t...

Mandarin Speakers' Perception of Accented L2-English: the Effects of Accent, Linguistic Experience, and L2 Proficiency

in much previous research, language listeners were found to perform differently when listening to a second language (l2) spoken in foreign/native accents. influential factors have not been ascertained...

The Relationship Between EFL Instructors' Emotional Intelligence and Learners' Academic Achievement

with the growing interest in studying people's emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, the present study aimed at examining the emotional intelligence of efl instructors and to find poss...

Scientific Production in Children's Literature Through the Web of Science

children's literature has raised the interest of different disciplines and has strongly emerged not only in society but also in school and university curricula. this paper aims to analyse production i...

Avoiding the Use of L1 in Foreign Language Reading Comprehension Activities

this paper reports an action research study which aimed to avoid the use of mother tongue in reading comprehension activities. to this end, an action research study was designed and conducted with 30 ...

Book Review: the Factors Effecting Student Achievement: Meta-Analysis of Empirical Studies

no abstract for book review.

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