On the Micro-Colonial

i want to give him a name, one that extends beyond the clinical conventions of the arbitrary and anonymizing initial, a name that safeguards the confi- dentiality of the analytic space as it sheds lig...

Resisting Ideological English: Agency and Valuing Against Reified Abstractions and Erasures

by preserving the intent of the original french title of franz fanon's great work, les damnés de la terre as the damned of the earth, lewis gordon makes a critical contribution beyond his already not...

Dismantling the Violent Discourse of the State of Israel: on Zionism, Palestinian Liberation, and the Power of Language

when european powers held their infamous berlin conference in 1885, during which they agreed to divide the african continent among themselves, they did not employ such terms as enslavement, illegal se...

The Nakba Continues: the Palestinian Crisis From the Past to the Present

drawing on postcolonial and settler-colonial studies, this article accounts for the settler-colonial nature of the jewish state, which is founded on the cadastral displacement and effacement of palest...

Brown Woman Spell (Dear Kin V)

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The Death of Postcolonialism: the Founder's Foreword

postcolonialism stands today in flagrant contradiction with its mission. this assertion should scarcely come as a surprise. come to think of it: what has postcolonialism done to colonization in the pa...

Precocious Posts, Perpetual Beginnings: Letter From the Editor-in-Chief

welcome to the collective global expression janus unbound. there are many taking part, from all over. multiples of multitudes, cells of groups, in bubbles even. possessed by no one. coming together by...

Review of Capitalism, the American Empire, and Neoliberal Globalization by Kenneth E. Bauzon

at the g7 summit in june 2021, leaders of the top seven “advanced economies” met at a seaside resort in cornwall, england. after three days of frolicking on the beach for photo-ops, they emerged promi.

Review of Music in Conflict: Palestine, Israel and the Politics of Aesthetic Production by Nili Belkind

the intensification of both zionist repression and grassroots resistance across historic palestine in may 2021 starkly contrasted israel's indiscriminate colonial terror with a revolutionary surge of ...

How the Heritage of Postcolonial Studies Thinks Colonialism Today

i have been asked to write on the heritage of postcolonial studies. i separated myself from postcolonial studies in a critique of postcolonial reason, published in 1999. i am still separated from it. ...

Review of Post-Millennial Palestine: Literature, Memory, Resistance Edited by Rachel Gregory Fox and Ahmad Qabaha

coinciding with the onset of the arab spring in 2011 and the protests that continued to sweep across the mena (middle east and north africa) region, the past decade has seen a growing number of englis...


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Entire Issue

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Everyday Evil in Palestine: the View From Lucifer's Hill

this article is an attempt to cast content into the popular phrase used by activists in the palestine solidary movement that in order to understand and be moved by the nature of colonization in palest...

Mobile Bay

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A Sister's Song

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