Sustainable Livelihood and Sustainable Development: the Experience of Collective Farming by Kudumbashree in Keralam, India

one of the most alarming impacts of development experienced by third world economies in the contemporary era of globalization is the fast depletion of agricultural land. this is especially so in count...

The South China Sea Unclos Tribunal Award 2016: What IT Has Changed and What IT Does Mean to Indonesia

since the permanent court of arbitration issued its award on 12 july 2016 it have raised many controvertion. almost all submissions are decided in favour of the philippines. the award, as expected by ...

Indonesia and the Law of the Sea

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International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue

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Impacts on Maritime Trade with Regard to Navigational Route Adjustments in Avoiding Conflicts with Marine Protected Areas: an Insight to the Law and Policy

establishing a marine protected area (mpa) in a state's maritime jurisdiction is a concept that became a much of practical approach alongside iucn's (international union for conservation of nature) ef...

Violations of International Law by the Government of Australia in Practice of Turn Back the Boat Management Policy for Asylum Seekers

conflicts in several countries in asia resulted in increasing number of refugees and asylum seekers. the need for protection and a decent life makes them willing to take any way to get protection in o...

Phillipines Permits Malaysia-Indonesia to Enter Their Territorial Waters to Pursue Abu Sayyaf Group

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Terrorist Threat on the High Seas Analysis of Some Aspects of the Right of Visit and Self-defence

vessels of all sizes can be used in a number of ways by terrorists, they can utilize a vessel as a means, a weapon, a bomb, or as a disruption tool. when a terrorist attack happens, it is already too ...

Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing: the Impacts and Policy for Its Completion in Coastal West of Sumatera

for coastal states, iuu fishing is a classic problem. this issue has become a thorn in the flesh, despite being attempted various ways to overcome them, but until now it still has been resolved yet. i...

Indonesian Sea Power

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The Conservation of Marine Ecosystem From Trawl USAge by the Local Government Based on Sustainable Marine Preservation Principle

fisheries practice using trawl and seine nets in indonesia are still numerous since fishermen round that it will yield much more. however, the practice also threatens the life of small and young fishe...

Ship Arrest in Indonesia and Cross-border Maritime Dispute

ship arrest is an in rem action on ships that exercised with purpose of obtaining security for maritime claims. the arrest is intended to prevent a ship from moving pending settlement of the claim and...

Archipelagic State Responsibility on Armed Robbery at Sea

recent hijackings to indonesian ships on the southern waters of the philippines have raised alarming concerns not only from the involving states but also other countries in the region. such crimes at ...

Judicial Control of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Indonesia

the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards has been recognized and accepted internationally through the new york convention on the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards. however, the ...

Urgent Need for National Maritime Security Arrangement in Indonesia: Towards Global Maritime Fulcrum

under president joko widodo's administration, indonesia's archipelagic outlook has been re-asserted as the basis of indonesia's foreign policy, by introducing the concept of global maritime fulcrum (g...

International Law-Making

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Legal Status Of Foreign-flag Vessels When Their Fish-transportation Vessel Licenses Have Been Revoked By The Ministry Of Marine Affairs And Fisheries

in combating illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing, the minister of maritime affairs and fisheries has several times issued the ministerial decisions to revoke sikpi (surat izin kapal pengangkut...

Study of the Right of Foreign Ship Against State Sovereignty (Case Study Indonesia)

recognition of the archipelagic concept accommodated in chapter iv united nations conventions law of the sea (losc) 1982. the implication of this recognition is archipelagic states have sovereignty fo...

Reclamation in the View of the Protection of Marine Environment Under the Environmental Law and the Law Concerning the Management of Coastal Areas and Small Islands

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International Law News

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