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Analisis Model Autoregressive Distributed Lag Pada Data Google Search Console Pesantren Online

this study aims to determine the analysis of visits to the google search console islamic boarding school data. the website analyzed is, this study uses the autoregressive distributed mode...

The Zakat Effect: Evaluasi Dampak Pengelolaan Zakat pada Bidang Pendidikan Menggunakan Servqual Model

currently, the united nations is actively campaigning for the sustainable development goals. one of the goals of sustainable development is related to education and poverty. the purpose of this paper ...

Maqashid Effect: Apakah Maqashid Syariah Membuat Muslim Bahagia ? Studi Kasus Data IFLS Gelombang 5

this study aims to determine how the influence of maqashid sharia on the happiness of the muslim community in indonesia, both in urban and rural areas in indonesia. this study uses ifls 2014 wave 5 da...

Habluminallah And Habluminannas : Perilaku Charity antara Muslim Nahdlatul Ulama And Muhammadiyah

this study aims to determine the effect of the level of religiosity with charity between nu and muhammadiyah organizations. this study is also to find out the factors that significantly affect charity...

Eksistensi Aksara Pegon : Media Penyebaran Ilmu Agama di Demak Kota Wali dengan Pendekatan Mix Method

this study aims to determine the existence of pegon script in students and students in demak regency as the “kota wali”, then also to know how to write and read pegon script. then knowing the effect o.

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